Information technology

The information technology industry includes not only software and hardware companies but also service providers. It accounts for 16% of the total business done in Italy.

LDP Services for the Information Technology Sector
  • opening of branch or limited company
  • management of branch or limited company in terms of vat, accounting-reporting, payroll, fiscal and legal
  • account consolidation under Italian and US GAAP
  • legal support on drafting of contracts
  • corporate finance such as: drafting of MOU, QPA, tax and legal due diligence, business valuation negotiation, support
  • international tax planning (dividends policy, capital gain policy, double treaties transfer pricing etc.)
  • immigration facilities: work visa, secondment and assignment labor contract

About us

LA NAIA, DI ORONZO & PARTNERS is a tax & law firm established in 1993 offering a full range of professional services for multinational companies doing business in Italy. These services include company formation in Italy, accounting system setting up, bookkeeping, tax and vat compliance financial reporting packs (IFRS, US GAAP, Italian GAAP), preparation of employment contracts, payroll management, transfer pricing documentation, corporate finance, legal advice, audit, immigration. and more. Our services allow our clients to focus on developing their businesses in Italy saving time and money. Our One-point-of-Contact business model effectively and efficiently matches your requirements with tailor-made solutions, saving you valuable time and resources. LDP will support you every step of the way in doing business in Italy.

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